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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Am I crazy??

So, I joined the Skinny Jeans Challenge with a great group of gals, I'm hoping that having to take pictures of my body every week and own up to what I have done kicks my butt into gear!! I have done really good the last few days, not snacking on anything but non fat yogurt and fresh veggies. I only had one can of soda today and 30 or so ounces of water. Not as much as I should be getting but, it's a step in the right direction, right?? My goal, which may be out of reach is to lose 40-50 pounds by the end of June. It works out to be a little under 5 pounds a week so, if I push, I can do it!
Kadyn and I went for a bit of a walk yesterday but, it got cut short because it started raining. We were going to walk the neighborhood where the streets go up and down but, we only managed a mile and a half, maybe two, half down and half up... Today, we didn't do as much since it was freezing and threatening to rain all day and had started to snow at one point. But, we did go over to the little park across the way and Kadyn climbed and played and we played chase for a bit. Then he passed out around 7:30, I went and took a bath and am now watching Glee! I LOVE this show!! LOL So, I am off to watch it and try to get to bed early so I can get up early tomorrow and go over to the gym and get in a workout before Brian has to go to sleep. Oh, have I mentioned how much I HATE him being on nights?? He goes back on days in June...


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