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Monday, March 8, 2010

Things are looking up!! :)

We have been talking about me going back to work for quite a while now but, nothing has come of it. With Brian working 12 hour rotating shifts, we don;t have the child care thing covered. Which put a part time job pretty much out of the question. I applied for a job with AT&T about a month ago and got an email this evening to come in for testing!! I go on April 1st. I'm not exactly looking forward to going back to work full time but, it's what we need to do for our future. That's the important thing right now. We were hoping to go for number 2 but, that may have to be put on hold for a little while longer. Good news is, it's a union job so,if and when I do get pregnant again, the spot will be held. My brother started with them a couple months ago and had a gal coming back from maternity leave. So, I know the possibility is there.

If I get the job, we'll just have to get through the first couple weeks and then can get Kadyn into daycare. Luckily, he's almost old enough for preschool so, who knows!


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